Priesthood & Youth Leaders

How Priesthood & Youth Leaders can best support youth before, during and after FSY

Youth in our area are participating in For the Strength of Youth (FSY) conferences. FSY, which is based on the annual youth theme, will bring youth from throughout the area together over six days, where they and their young adult counsellors can be strengthened in their efforts to come unto Christ. Local leaders are key to the success of FSY. Their role is essential before, during, and after the conferences.

In preparation for our upcoming For the Strength of Youth (FSY) conferences, we invite priesthood and youth leaders to prayerfully consider how they can help make FSY a testimony-building experience for their youth.

Your involvement before, during, and after FSY is essential to its success.

Before FSY, local leaders might:

Show enthusiasm and support for FSY.

• Understand FSY and its goals

• Live the principles found in For the Strength of Youth: A Guide for Making Choices

• Hold devotionals (ward or stake level) for youth, parents and leaders to help them understand what FSY is, what happens at FSY and encourage them to understand & live the principles found within For the Strength of Youth: A Guide for Making Choices

• Invite area youth (between the ages of 14 and 18 years) to attend

• Prayerfully consider who might benefit from a specific invitation to attend FSY

• During interviews, activities, and other teaching opportunities, help the youth prepare for FSY.

• Encourage them to attend the conference and to set personal goals for spiritual growth as they attend FSY.

• Invite youth to set personal goals for spiritual growth during FSY. As directed by the Spirit, local leaders might suggest goals for their youth to consider.

• Help youth complete registrations, and coordinate financial assistance for youth as needed.

Help them understand what happens at FSY and what standards of behaviour they are being asked to commit to at FSY.

Help them understand every attendee plays their part in helping to ensure a successful session.

        o Please ensure the youth understand the moral virtues of the gospel of Jesus Christ, extending to language, interactions and behaviour towards one another and all they meet at FSY

        o Please ensure that parents and youth are clear on medical conditions and highlight needs on the registration forms, including and especially mental or emotional issues/needs.

Identifying these needs are just as important as highlighting dietary needs. The more families disclose through these confidential processes, the greater our ability to help provide the best possible FSY experience for the youth. Conversely, the more that gets disclosed, the less likely it is that the youth will struggle and need to come home early.

The assessment for and provision of 1:1 counsellors is a core planning feature at FSY - where a young adult is assigned to a specific youth for support during the week. These counsellors join in group activities and are trained to be available as and when needed.

Please help us make appropriate 1:1 assignments.

In the past some parents and priesthood leaders have been reluctant to disclose medical/emotional/mental conditions, in the fear that their youth may not be able to attend FSY. Please encourage parents and ensure you as priesthood leaders are transparent with information about these circumstances without fear for the youth not being permitted to attend, i.e. if we know, we can accommodate the majority of needs, and doing so in advance will allow a greater chance of success for the youth to remain and stay throughout the whole week of FSY.

Please contact the session administrators if you have any concerns or wish to discuss special needs or other matters

Use activities to prepare youth for FSY. This could include learning music found at and preparing acts to perform at the FSY Variety Show.

• Give quorum and class presidencies specific opportunities to help other youth prepare.

During FSY local leaders might;

Help parents and other family members share in the experiences their youth and young adults are having. They can do this by setting and working on personal and family goals related to FSY experiences.

• Pray daily and specifically for youth and young adults who are participating.

After FSY, local leaders might:

After FSY, give the youth opportunities (e.g. sacrament meeting, other youth meetings and interviews) to bear their testimony, share their experiences and continue to grow spiritually.

• In devotionals, classes, or activities, invite the youth to share their experiences with their families and ward or branch members by singing, bearing testimonies, and showing photos.

• Give youth opportunities to teach the gospel (using what they learned at FSY) in sacrament meeting, devotionals, classes, and activities.

• Ask the youth in follow-up interviews to describe what they felt, what they learned, and what goals they accomplished at FSY

• Ask them about the goals they have set, and offer support as they work to achieve them.

• Encourage youth leaders to plan activities that follow up on and reinforce the experiences the youth had at FSY.

• Encourage FSY-type youth activities

• Encourage the youth to strengthen their families by sharing these experiences in their homes and by teaching family home evening lessons.

• Encourage parents to invite their youth to share their experiences and testimony at family home evening and to teach family home evening lessons (using what they learned at FSY).

• Remind the youth to continue to live the standards and principles they experienced at FSY.

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