Priesthood & Youth Leaders

How Priesthood & Youth Leaders can best support FSY


Every other year, youth in your Stake, District, or Mission are invited to participate in a For the Strength of Youth conference (FSY). FSY, which is based on the annual Mutual theme, will bring youth from throughout the area together over six days, where they and their young adult counsellors can be strengthened in their efforts to come unto Christ.

Local leaders are key to the success of FSY. Your role is essential before, during, and after the conference.

Before FSY, local leaders might:

  • Show enthusiasm and support for FSY.
  • Invite their youth between the ages of 14 and 18 years to attend. (Youth who will turn 14 years old during the FSY session year may attend with parental and Area Presidency permission).

Prayerfully consider who might benefit from a specific invitation.

  • Help youth complete registrations and coordinate financial assistance for youth as needed.
  • Hold devotionals for youth, parents, and leaders to help them:
    • Understand FSY and its goals.
    • Live the standards found in For the Strength of Youth brochure.
  • Use Mutual activities to prepare youth for FSY. This could include learning music found at and preparing acts to perform at the FSY Variety Show.
  • Invite youth to set personal goals for spiritual growth during FSY. As directed by the Spirit, local leaders might suggest goals for their youth to consider.
  • Give quorum and class presidencies specific opportunities to help other youth prepare.
  • Bishops and Branch Presidents interview each youth and help him or her commit to live the standards found in For the Strength of Youth brochure, including the dress and grooming standards.

For Bishops and Branch Presidents

The registration form can be filled out on- or off-line. Before signing the Bishop/Branch President Declaration, please conduct a personal interview with the youth emphasising the following:

  • The youth understands the moral virtues of the gospel of Jesus Christ, as outlined in the For the Strength of Youth booklet including the Standards for Dress and Appearance and is willing to follow them during the conference. A participant can only check-in if the Dress & Appearance Expectations are met upon arrival.
  • The youth understands that an involvement in any of the “The Big 5” will result in being sent home immediately at his/her own expense. The 5 rules include:
    • Participating in or encouraging immoral behaviour of any kind, which includes breaking the law of chastity and viewing pornography in any form
    • Shoplifting, theft, or vandalism of any kind
    • Breaking the Word of Wisdom, including the possession of illegal substances
    • Possession of weapons or firearms of any kind
    • Doing anything harmful to yourself or others, physically or spiritually.
  • Any conspicuous behaviour, medical conditions or other important issues have been reported on page 2 of the registration form.

Please contact the FSY Staff if you have concerns or like to discuss special needs or other matters.

During FSY, local leaders might:

  • Pray daily and specifically for youth and young adults who are participating.
  • Help families of youth and young adults feel included in the FSY experience by encouraging them to set and work on spiritual goals.

After FSY, local leaders might:

  • Ask the youth in follow-up interviews to describe what they felt, what they learned, and what goals they accomplished at FSY. Ask them to bear their testimonies and share goals they have set.
  • In devotionals, classes, or Mutual activities, invite the youth to share their experiences with their families and ward or branch members by singing, bearing testimonies, and showing photos.
  • Give youth opportunities to teach the gospel (using what they learned at FSY) in sacrament meeting, devotionals, classes, and Mutual.
  • Encourage parents to invite their youth to share their experiences and testimony at family home evening and to teach family home evening lessons (using what they learned at FSY).
  • Remind the youth to continue to live the standards they experienced at FSY.
  • Encourage FSY-type activities.

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