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Češka (Czech)                             Hrvatski (Croatian)
Magyar (Hungarian)                   Polski (Polish)
Român (Romanian)                    Shqiptare (Albanian)
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Ελληνικός (Greek)                        Српски (Serbian)

Dear young friend,

We are so excited to get to know you this summer during the international session of FSY.

The theme this year is “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths”(Proverbs 3:5-6).

We’ve seen just how important it is to trust in the Lord in recent times. The world all around us is in commotion but there is a refuge from the storm. We are convinced FSY will be a haven where we can all learn and grow, have fun, come to a deeper understanding of who we really are and re-commit ourselves to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Trusting in the Lord means that we need to be willing to let go of some of our own worries, understanding, desires and passions, and trade them in for something better. By letting go we allow the Lord to execute the plan He has for each and every one of us. When we truly trust in Him, we can feel liberated from the earthly shackles that bind us to things that are of no eternal worth. We become more focussed on things that really matter and experience healing, comfort and real joy instead. How cool is that?

>We are super excited to go on this journey with you and look forward to having faith and fun. Remember, every journey starts with the first step. So please take your first step and do whatever you can to prepare yourself spiritually for this wonderful, fun and faith promoting week.

Much love,

Joep and Kirsty Boom
Session Directing Couple, International 2022




Jonathan Leit
Karmen Wunderli

Date and Place


From Monday 25 July 2022 to Saturday 30 July 2022.


Tagungszentrum Blaubeuren, Hessenhöfe 33, 89143 Blaubeuren, Germany

Mini-FSY (all counsellors and staff must attend this training) : Intl. Mini FSY


from Friday 3 June 2022 ( 18:00 ) to Sunday 5 June 2022.


Blaubeuren, Germany

Invited Stakes/Districts

Youth from the following units are specially invited to participate in the international FSY session 2022. These units provide financial support for their youth and organise travel to and from FSY.

List of invited units:

- Czech Slovak CCM/Mission (Prague Czech Stake, Bratislava Slovakia District)
- Adriatic North CCM/Mission (Zagreb Croatia District, Beograd Serbia District (incl. Montenegro), Ljubljana Slovenia District, Bosnia)
- Adriatic South CCM/Mission (Tirana Albania Stake, Elbasan Albania District, Nicosia Cyprus District, Greece, North Macedonia, Cosovo)
- Hungary Romania CCM/Mission (Budapest Hungary Stake, Miskolc Hungary District, Szombathely Hungary District, Bucharest Romania District, Cluj-Napoca Romania District, Iasi Romania District)
- Poland Warsaw CCM/Mission (Poland Warsaw District)
- Kaiserslautern Germany Military Stake
- Stuttgart Germany Stake: Stuttgart Military Ward
- Italy: Pordenone Military Ward, Vicenza Military Ward
- Spain: Rota Military Branch
- Netherlands: Heerlen Military Ward
- Nuremberg Germany Stake: Grafenwöhr Ward, Regensburg Branch
- Italy Rome Mission: Mosta Malta Branch
- Rome Italy West Stake: Caserta Ward, Flegreo Ward
- Palermo Italy Stake: Sigonella Branch
- Brussels Belgium Stake: Shape Branch
- The Hague Netherlands Stake: Wassenaar Ward
- Frankfurt Intl. Ward (Frankfurt 2nd Ward)

Youth from these units are given priority for registration. If their registration is received by 31 May 2022, they are guaranteed a place at FSY international. Registrations after 31 May 2022 can only be accepted if there are still vacancies.

Youth from other stakes/districts not mentioned above may register and are placed on a waiting list. Should there still be still vacancies after 31 May 2022, registrations will be accepted on a first come first served basis (signed incoming mail).
Their journey to FSY and back home will not be organised by FSY or any stake/district. Neither will the cost be subsidised but must be paid in full by the participant.Youth from these units are given priority for registration. If their registration is received by 31 May 2022, they are guaranteed a place at FSY international. Registrations after 31 May 2022 can only be accepted if there are still vacancies.

Contact Persons

In each stake/district there is one person in charge of answering inquiries of participants concerning travel schedules, itineraries etc. The contact information for these FSY-contacts can be found in the following list:

Stakes/Districts Name of contact Telephone of contact E-mail of contact
Bucharest România District Evelina Maria Doru +40720556024
Cluj-Napoca România District Evelina Maria Doru +40720556024
Iaşi România District Evelina Maria Doru +40720556024
Warsaw Poland District Adrianna Jarosz 0045784910001
Tirana Albania Stake Enida Alushaj +355694665298
Zagreb Croatia District Cara Johnson 0
Prague Czech Republic Stake Matěj Pražák +420604530507
Adriatic South Mission Elder & Sister McAffee 0
Katowice Poland District Adrianna Jarosz 0045784910001
Budapest Hungary Stake Olivér & Krisztina Mecséri +36709406601
Szombathely Hungary District Olivér & Krisztina Mecséri +36709406601
Miskolc Hungary District Olivér & Krisztina Mecséri +36709406601
Kaiserslautern Germany Stake Maranna Hollist 0
Nicosia Cyprus District Elder & Sister McAffee 0
Bratislava Slovakia District Matěj Pražák +420604530507
Beograd Serbia District Elder & Sister Andersen 00381603305025

Age of Youth

All FSY participants must:
- turn 14 no later than December 31st of the year they are attending
- still be aged 18 on 1st January of the year they are attending.

Language and Translation

During the FSY-Week, we are trying our best to provide translation for all participants. Counselors, however, must be able to communicate in English because all training and communication with leaders will be done in English.

Costs and payment

The total cost for FSY covers travel, food, accommodation and all conference materials (manual, music CD, T-shirt, ...). It is partly payed by the Europe Area and supplemented by a participant fee, which varies by country of residence.


This also applies to the youth who are not members of the Church, but attend on the invitation of their friends from those stakes/districts. Those youth are also included in the travel arrangements by FSY. Youth from other stakes/districts have to organise and pay for their own journeys. Please contact the session administrators for details.

The participant fee must be paid into the ward/branch bank account BEFORE THE BISHOP/BRANCH PRESIDENT SIGNS THE REGISTRATION FORM.


We recognise that individual family circumstances will vary and we do not want FSY attendance to present a financial burden to any family or individual regardless of the number of children they have wishing to attend. Families and individuals should work together with their bishop or branch president to find a solution allowing all youth to attend.


Participant Contribution

Country Contribution
All other Euro-Currency Countries   EUR 90
Croatia 120 HRK
Poland PLN 160
Czech Republic CZK 1,500
Serbia RSD 2,000
Kosovo TBD
Greece, Cyprus EUR 40
Hungary HUF 15,000
Romania RON 85
Slovakia EUR 60
Slovenia EUR 15
North Macedonia MKD 5,000
Malta EUR 90
Bosnia and Herzegovina  BAM 30
Albania ALL 3,000
US Military Units in Europe USD 110



If a participant cancels their registration by Tuesday 31 May 2022, no cancellation fee will be required.

For cancellations after Tuesday 31 May 2022 the full fee (participant contribution) is payable.

Other Information


Transportation must be arranged for the youth to arrive between 11:00 and 13:00 on the first day of the conference ( Monday 25 July 2022 ). The specially invited stakes/districts work together with the session administrators to arrange travel and plan accordingly. Youth should not arrive before 11:00.

Please contact your FSY contact (see list of stakes/units above) with any questions concerning travel. In specific cases you may also write an e-mail to the session administrators (

If parents take their children to FSY, they should leave the site after saying good-bye to their children at check-in.


If participants travel by train, they can be picked up from the station Blaubeuren on Monday 25 July 2022 and taken back there on Saturday 30 July 2022. For this shuttle service we need to know the names of the travellers, their exact arrival time at the station (between 11:30 - 12:30) and their mobile number through e-mail to by 30 June 2022.


The return journey on Saturday should start between 07:30 and 09:00. The specially invited steakes/districts will organise transportation together with the session administrators. All youth must have left by 10:00.

For those travelling by train: please plan your return journey for us to take you to the station (Blaubeuren) between 07:30 and 10:00.

Depending on your means and time of your transport to FSY, you'll have to pack your luggage slightly different.


Packling list for everybody traveling from:

Usually, each participant will be allocated to a group of 10-12 youth their own age:

  • 13-15-year-olds (age on first day of conference)
  • 16-19-year-olds (age on first day of conference)

Groups at FSY consist of one age group only. The allocation is automatic according to your birth date. As FSY International hosts many different languages, we might not divide the youth into groups according the above mentioned age-group, but into languages instead.

If you want to be in the same group with a friend, you may name one person with your registration on the internet. That person needs to be

  • 1) the same gender
  • 2) the same age (group - see above)
  • 3) you must mutually mention each other with your registration.

Therefore please co-ordinate this before you register.

This arrangement is non-committal as the groups will be combined from all participating stakes/districts. However, we will try to do our best to accommodate your wishes.

Please consider the allocation of groups and rooms as an opportunity to meet new people. Such friendships may become a lifelong enrichment.

Information on group and room allocation will be given at check-in only.


Each FSY participant is expected to participate in every activity.

Leaving the Venue

For limitation of liability participants are not allowed to leave the premises during the FSY week. If parents want to pick up their children before the end of the week, they must make a prior arrangement with the FSY administrators.

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