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Session directing couple


Colette Freed - Allan Freed

    Thank you for choosing to attend the Scotland Leeds session of FSY 2019. We’re looking forward to meeting you in Nottingham and we’re grateful for your decision to join us. 


You’ll have your own personal reasons for coming to FSY this year and your own individual story. We hope we learn more about you when we’re together. Regardless of what’s bringing you to FSY we’re determined to help you draw as much strength from the week as possible. We have an incredible team of counsellors who’ll be creating a unique environment designed to fuel your growth and present you with opportunities to learn of and deepen your faith in Christ.  We hope you’ll choose to embrace the FSY environment and accept each invitation you receive to follow the Master.  


The theme for FSY this year is ‘If ye love me, keep my commandments’. We’re looking forward to learning how we can do this more perfectly with you.   


We’re coming determined to make new friends.  We’re coming seeking answers.  We’ll be there with a determination to enjoy and make the most of the week. We want to learn more of Christ and we want to figure out how we can love Him more than we already do.  We invite you to join us on what promises to be a great week. 


Allan Freed and Colette Freed
Session Directing Couple, Leeds Mission & Scotland



Stephen Janickyj


Jan & nige Dann


Helena Janickyj



Rachael Maughan


Ammon Robertson

Date and Place

From Monday 29 july 2019 to Saturday 3 august 2019.

University of Nottingham & East Midlands Conference Centre, Beeston Lane, Nottingham, NG7 2RJ

Learn more

Mini-FSY (all counsellors and staff must attend this training) : Leeds mission & scotland mini fsy

from Friday 5 july 2019 ( 17:00 ) to Sunday 7 july 2019.

University of Nottingham, Beeston Lane, Nottingham, NG7 2RJ

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Invited Stakes/Districts

Youth from the following stakes are specially invited to participate in this year’s FSY. These stakes provide financial support for their youth and organise coach travel to and from FSY.

In each stake/district there is one person in charge of answering inquiries of participants concerning travel schedules, itineraries etc.


Stakes/Districts Name of contact Telephone of contact E-mail of contact
Aberdeen Scotland Stake Magnus Park 07387299977 magnus.park185@gmail.com
Glasgow Scotland Stake Naomi Bleyl 07817945743 fsy@bleyls.com
Edinburgh Scotland Stake Kaydean Lennox 07469935356 kaydean.lennox12@gmail.com
Dundee Scotland Stake Grant Campbell 07816494309 info@mbedundee.co.uk
Sunderland England Stake Jemma Burdon 07941702323 jemburdon@gmail.com
Huddersfield England Stake Sam & Abby Boome 07380842742 samuelboome@gmail.com
Sheffield England Stake Joanna & Graeme Holt 07481835041 graemeholt@hotmail.com
Hull England Stake Janet Lloyd 07804240352 janet@jblloyd.co.uk
Billingham England Stake Kevin & Jane Wicks 00000000000 kevin.david.wicks@icloud.com
Leeds England Stake Samuel Quesne Hannah Cluness 07903297056 samuelquesne@gmail.com
York England Stake Jared Hancock 07882945723 jaredmichaelhancock@gmail.com
Leicester England Stake Richard Green 07753476281 leicesterstakeyouth@gmail.com
Crawley England Stake Tim & Julie Grice 07771730474 timgrice60@outlook.com
Reading England Stake Terry and Lynn Mills 07810140665 terrydjmills@gmail.com
Nottingham England Stake Martin Cox 01159665924 martin@teamcox.co.uk
Paisley Scotland Stake Umberto Gilardi 07590482743 umby@me.com
Norwich England Stake Ricardo & Hannah Sousa 07450350157 ricardo.sousa2@hotmail.com

 Youth from these stakes are given priority for registration. If their registration is received by Sunday 28th April 2019, they are guaranteed a place at FSY. Registrations after  Sunday 28th April 2019 can only be accepted if there are still vacancies.

Youth from other stakes/districts not mentioned above may register and are placed on a waiting list. Should there still be still vacancies after  Sunday 28th April 2019, registrations will be accepted on a first come first served basis (fully completed application ).Their journey to FSY and back home will not be organised by FSY or any stake/district. Neither will the cost be subsidised but must be paid in full by the participant.

Costs and payment


The fee for FSY is £190.00 GBP. This covers, food, accommodation and all conference materials (manual,  T-shirt, ...).

Part of this amount will be paid for by the invited stakes/districts so that the youth or their families respectively will only have to pay £75.00 GBP. This also applies to the youth who are not members of the Church, but attend on the invitation of their friends from those stakes/districts. Those youth are also included in the bus trips. Youth from other stakes/districts have to organise and pay for their own journeys.

£75.00 GBP for each participant of the invited stakes/districts must be paid into the ward/branch bank account BEFORE THE BISHOP/BRANCH PRESIDENT SIGNS THE REGISTRATION FORM.

Participants, including non-member youth from outside invited stakes, will pay the full amount of £300.00 GBP. The session administrators will contact you about how to do this.

Families of invited stakes/districts who send three or more children to FSY will pay the above amount for two children only – further children are exempt from fees.


If a participant cancels their registration by Sunday 30th June 2019, no cancellation fee will be required.

For cancellations after 30th June 2019 the full fee is payable ( £190.00 GBP } for participants from invited stakes, { £300.00 GBP} for other participants).

Other Information

Arrival and departure

Transportation must be arranged for the youth to arrive between 11.00am and 01.00pm on the first day of the conference (Monday 29th July 2019 ). The specially invited stakes/districts will take care of that and plan accordingly. Youth should not arrive before 11.00am. 

If parents take their children to FSY, they should leave the site after saying good-bye to their children at check in. 

If participants travel by train, they can be picked up from Nottingham or Beeston station on Monday 29th July 2019 and taken back there on Saturday  3rd August 2019. For this shuttle service we need to know the names of the travellers, their exact arrival time at the station (between 11.30 - 12.30 hrs) and their mobile number through e-mail to stephen.janickyj@ntlworld.com  by Sunday 30th June 2019. 

Please plan your return journey for us to take you to the station between 09.30 - 10.30 hrs. 

The return journey on Saturday should start between 09.00 and 11.00am. The specially invited stakes/districts will organise transportation by bus accordingly. All youth must have left by 11.00 am. 

Leaving the Venue  

For limitation of liability participants are not allowed to leave the premises during the FSY week. If parents want to pick up their children before the end of the week, they must make a prior arrangement with the FSY administrators. 

Packing List

Please bring the following things to FSY:

• Paper Scriptures, For the Strength of Youth pamphlet, Duty to God/Personal Progress books, Preach my Gospel (small or standard size) and pen or pencil

Please ensure all clothing worn at FSY meets the standards of dress & appearance detailed on the standards page and Dress & Appearance page of the For the strength of youth booklet

• Smart/Casual/Comfortable Clothes for everyday wear & Tuesday dance

• Sunday Dress clothes for Thursday activities

• Best Dress Clothes for Friday dance

• Pyjamas

• Waterproof coat in case of adverse weather

• Dress and casual shoes. (Note: Shoes must be worn during dances and all other activities.)

• Personal toiletry items: toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, conditioner, tissues, etc.

• Optional: inexpensive camera, materials/instruments for variety show,

• Personal Medications

• Small amount of spending money for incidentals or emergencies.

• There is a small fridge in each room if participants wish to store drinks, snacks or medication etc

• Towels and bed linen are all provided by the University.

• Don't forget Paper Scriptures, For the Strength of Youth pamphlet, Duty to God/Personal Progress books, Preach my Gospel (small or standard size) and pen or pencil.

Usually you need paper scriptures as electronic scriptures are not permitted during activities etc.

At FSY 2019 youth are to be permitted mobiles to study scriptures in any FSY activity requiring scripture study. They are to be asked to only use their mobiles for scripture study in that activity. This would be in place of paper scriptures. They are to be asked that if they feel they will be tempted to use them for something else in the activity they should use paper scriptures.

If a young person is found using their mobile for something else, they will be asked to put their phone away and use paper scriptures. All young people should still bring paper scriptures to FSY.

Youth who wish to use paper scriptures should not feel any pressure to use their mobiles but this change is to allow youth who use their mobiles for scripture study etc outside of FSY to be able to use them for that purpose at FSY.

We hope that all youth who wish to use their mobiles for scripture study will be able to do this and use their mobiles appropriately.

Please do not bring:

Any use of a MP3-player etc during an FSY activity is prohibited. Moreover, portable stereo devices etc, DVD/CD-players, Gameboys or similar things, bicycles, in-liners or skateboards are not allowed.

Group Allocation

Each participant will be allocated to a group of 10-12 youth their own age: 

• 14-15-year-olds (age on first day of conference) 

• 16-18-year-olds (age on first day of conference) 

Groups at FSY consist of one age group only. The allocation is automatic according to your birth date. 

If you turn 16 between 1 May 2019 and 31 December 2019, you may choose for yourself which age group you prefer.  

If you want to be in the same group with a friend, you may name one person with your registration on the internet. That person needs to be 

the same gender

• the same age

• you must mutually mention each other with your registration.

Therefore please co-ordinate this before you register. 

This arrangement is non-committal as the groups will be combined from all participating stakes/districts. However, we will try to do our best to accommodate your wishes. 

Please consider the allocation of groups and rooms as an opportunity to meet new people. Such friendships may become a lifelong enrichment. 

Information on group and room allocation will be given at check-in only. 


 In registering for FSY each FSY participant is expected to participate in every activity.  

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